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Stabilium 200 30 capsules (by Life Extension)

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30 capsules
by Life Extension


What is it?

Stabilium 200 (formerly Adapton) is Garum Armoricum®, a predigested extract from the brain and stomach of the Great Bluefish native to Brittany in France. Each capsule contains predigested Garum armoricum extract. 105 mg. Inert ingredients include gelatin/glycerin coating, sunflower virgin oil, soya lecithin.

According to the manufacturer:

Reprinted with permission of Life Extension "There is a species of deep sea fish called Garum armoricum, whose only known habitat is off the coast of England. An extract from this fish is sold under the trade name Stabilium 200. The active ingredients in Stabilium 200 (Garum armoricum extract) have been shown to increase the amount of calming endorphins and to improve the body's ability to adapt to mentally and physically stressful conditions. Garum contains vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 EFAs, and polypeptides that act as precursors for endorphins and other neurotransmitters.41,42".

The manufacturer prohibits further discount of this product.


This product is not intended for clinical depression and bipolar manic depression. If you have either of these conditions then consult your physician.

See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

Four capsules of Garum extract should be swallowed on an empty stomach in the morning for 15 consecutive days. After two weeks, the dose should be reduced to two capsules every morning. If complete relief is obtained, Garum extract can be discontinued until symptoms return, but most people only stop for a week before starting a maintenance dose of two to 3 capsules a day. Some people take 2-3 Garum extract capsules every other day.

Stabilium 200  30 capsules (by Life Extension)

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