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Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ 120 capsules (by Life Extension)

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120 capsules
by Life Extension


What is it?

Each 4 capsules of Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ contains:

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5™-phosphate) 100 mg
L-Taurine 800 mg
Carnosine 1000 mg
Benfotiamine 150 mg
Sodium 25 mg
Luteolin (high purity luteolin as Pureolin™) 8 mg
R- Lipoic Acid (as microencapsulated Bio-Enhanced™ stabilized Na-RALA® sodium R-lipoate) 150 mg
BioPQQ™ Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt 10 mg
Other ingredients are gelatin, vegetable stearate, silica.

According to the manufacturer:

Reprinted with permission of Life Extension.

"Aging is characterized by inflammation, glycation and mitochondrial decay. Mitochondria are the energy-producing powerhouses of the cells and are found in highest concentrations in metabolically active organs such as the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. Currently, the only known strategies to generate new mitochondria are long-term, strenuous aerobic exercise or caloric restriction, which are difficult or impractical for most people to implement. Now, Life Extension members have an alternative to counteract the age-related decline in mitochondria with the new Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with Bio-PQQ™.

Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with Bio-PQQ™ is the most complete mitochondrial support formula on the market. It contains a broad spectrum of ingredients to counteract the primary factors of aging while enhancing the ability of mitochondria to produce energy (ATP). The newest addition, an essential micronutrient known as PQQ has actually been shown to stimulate the production of new mitochondria.102

This cutting-edge formula provides nutrients to counteract mitochondrial decay (one of the primary factors of aging), nutrients to boost the mitochondrial energy-producing capacity, and now, PQQ. Research has confirmed that PQQ's cell-signaling effects translate to benefits for the cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive and immune systems.

Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer is designed to counteract age-related structural and functional changes by providing the following unique ingredients:

Carnosine. As humans age, their proteins become irreversibly damaged by lethal glycation reactions. Glycation is the cross-linking of proteins and sugar to form non-functioning structures in the body, which can lead to alterations of normal cell function. Carnosine is not only the premier anti-glycating agent, but it also protects neurons against reactive and cytotoxic protein carbonyl species associated with normal aging.11-15

Luteolin. Unremitting systemic inflammation is involved with virtually every undesirable consequence of aging. Culprits behind chronic inflammatory reactions are pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor alpha. Luteolin is a super-potent plant extract that has been shown to suppress these dangerous inflammatory cytokines.16-22

Benfotiamine. Benfotiamine blocks multiple destructive biochemical pathways, including AGE formation pathway, which is induced by higher than desirable blood glucose levels. Human mortality studies indicate that ideal fasting glucose levels are between 74-85 mg/dL. Yet many aging people have fasting glucose above 90 mg/dL, which is less than optimal.23-25 Benfotiamine can activate glucose metabolism and promote already healthy blood glucose levels. In addition, benfotiamine exhibits direct antioxidative capacity and prevents induction of DNA damage.26

Pyridoxal 5™-phosphate. Aging results in the formation of toxic advanced glycation end products throughout the body. Pyridoxal 5-phosphate is the active form of vitamin B6 that has been shown to protect against both lipid and protein glycation reactions.27-29

R-lipoic acid. Destructive free radical activity in the mitochondria plays a major role in the loss of cellular vitality. The microencapsulated Bio-Enhanced® R-lipoic acid facilitates youthful mitochondrial energy output while guarding against free radicals. Two forms of lipoic acid are sold on the supplement market, but R-lipoic acid is far more potent.30-35

BioPQQ&trade. The newest addition to Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer. While all the other nutrients in this formula support the structure or function of mitochondria, PQQ has been shown to stimulate the production of new mitochondria. In humans, PQQ has been shown to support healthy levels of CRP and plasma antioxidant potential, as well as to promote memory, attention, and cognition in maturing individuals. In animals, it has demonstrated the ability to support cardiovascular, immune, neurological, and reproductive health.102"

The manufacturer prohibits further discount of this product.


Do not use if pregnant or nursing without health professional supervision.

See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

Take two capsules, two times early in the day, or four capsules all at once upon awakening, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. It may be taken with or without food.

Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ  120 capsules (by Life Extension)

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