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Thymuskin Hair Mask 100 ml (by Klett-Loch )

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100 ml
by Klett-Loch


What is it?

Nine German physicians from eight prominent European universities collaborated on the development of a product which would end the hair loss associated with cancer chemotherapy. After years of effort they finally succeeded. Double blind, placebo controlled studies show that the product rubbed on the scalp before chemotherapy totally prevents hair loss and has been approved by the German government for this purpose. It is also useful for other kinds of hair loss.

ThymuSkin Hair Mask prevents the hair from becoming dry, splitting and breaking. It also protects hair and new growth against harmful environmental influences and UV rays. Use with ThymuSkin Shampoo and Hair Treatment to give your hair maximum protection while undergoing hair loss treatment.

The product is massaged into the hair and scalp daily until new hair growth is achieved, and every other day thereafter. For optimum results, best when used daily. After 3 to 9 months, depending on how long you have been bald, new, strong hair will begin to grow from your scalp. If your problem had persisted for over 5 years, it could take anywhere from 9 - 12 months to achieve results.

At the end of eighteen months you can stop using the product. Unlike other products, which require that you use them continuously or the new hair will fall out. You can discontinue the use of ThymuSkin, but the new hair remains and continues to grow because the hair follicle has been properly stimulated to keep growing hair on a continuous basis.

ThymuSkin can be used on colored hair as long as you don't color the hair on the same day as you use the treatment. Other products such as mousse may be added to the hair but it is not recommended that it be applied to the roots, just the ends of the hair. The treatment leaves a "film" over the scalp which should not be disturbed. According to the manufacturer, minoxidil products should not be used with this system as it yields inferior results and adds nothing to the effects. As far as they know, it is all right to use Propecia™ or its natural equivalents (see Super Saw Palmetto) with these products. The smaller bottles of the products last about 6 to 8 weeks according to the manufacturer.


Shampoo - Rinse hair with warm water. Apply 1-2 ml of shampoo (about the size of a nickel) into the hair and scalp for about a minute. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Use the shampoo daily followed by the Hair Treatment, or if preferred, the Conditioner first. Conditioner - Use twice a week after shampooing and before Hair Treatment. Later it can be used once a week. Leave on 2 minutes then rinse and towel dry hair.

Hair Treatment - Towel dry hair and apply 1-2 drops on affected area. Massage in vigorously for 5 to 10 seconds. Do not use a hot hair dryer afterwards but a cool setting is fine. Using a hot air, blow dryer on a daily basis causes scalp dehydration which leads to itching and further hair loss. We suggest the customer to use a cool setting and tilt head to allow air to pass through the hair itself and not heat the scalp in any way. By using hot air directly on scalp will not react with the treatment lotion to cause additional hair loss but will only make scalp sweat and defeat the purpose of applying the lotion.

Gel - In the case of severe hair loss due to androgenic (testosterone) causes alternate this with the Hair Treatment. For example, Hair Treatment in the morning and Hair Gel in the evening or vice versa. The gel needs to be applied to a dry scalp.

Mask - Use when finished to protect hair and continue treatment through the day.

Note: We have been prohibited by the supplier from discounting these products.

Thymuskin Hair Mask 100 ml (by Klett-Loch )

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