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Cerbon 6 60 tablets International Antiaging Systems

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Quick Overview

- Brand: International Antiaging Systems

- Quantity: 60 tablets

- Performance improvement for body and mind


What is it?

Each tablet of Cerbon 6 contains 100 mg of pyritinol. Inactive ingredients are lactose and sucrose.

According to the manufacturer:

"Pyritinol could be considered the sharp-end of the remarkable b6 vitamin. Improving concentration and attention span, Pyritinol is a powerful antioxidant - bolstering the immune system and preventing damage by harmful free radicals.

Prescribed for a wide range of disorders from rheumatoid arthritis to altered sleeping rhythms, a pyritinol dosage is even used to treat cerebral arteriosclerosis. Where Pyritinol becomes useful is a cognitive enhancer is when its used for studying or times when extended focus is required.

By fighting the free radicals that damage healthy cells, there's a strong pyritinol longevity link. In this way, Pyritinol (pyrithioxine) makes for a formidable compound. There are a number of name variations like Pyritinol (Cebon 6) or pyrithioxine, but essentially each work in the same way, with few side effects. As with all medicines, it's always necessary to consult your doctor before commencing.

To feel sharper, to improve concentration and help your immune system, Pyritinol is a handy weapon to have on your side."

ATTENTION: This compound has not been approved by the FDA and should be used for research purposes only.


Insomnia can occasionally take place during treatment. Should this occur, do not take this product at night.

On very rare occasions, allergic reactions to pyritinol have been observed (mild skin reactions). Patients with a history of allergies should take this product with caution.

No reliable data is available concerning the administration of pyritinol during pregnancy and nursing. Nonetheless, taking CERBON-6 is not recommended at this time.

See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

Initially, 2 tablets, 3 times daily. After the first 10 days of use, the dosage should be lowered to 1 tablet, 3 times daily.

Cerbon 6  60 tablets  International Antiaging Systems

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