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BetterWOMAN 40 caps by Interceuticals.

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Quick Overview

Women's bladder and anti-aging supplement.

40 caps by Interceuticals.


What is it?

BetterWOMAN HCP contains a formula of Chinese herbs. Each capsule contains 360 mg of a proprietary formula consisting of:

Asian ginseng root: improves whole body vital energy (qi).
Chinese yam rhizome: improves the yang function of kidney.
Chinese peony root: improves immune functions; acts as a vasodilator.
Deer antler velvet: improves overall metabolism.
Astragalus root: improves immune system, whole body stamina, modulates central nervous system (CNS) functions.
Poria sclerotium: provides tranquilizing effects; strengthens yang functions.
Morinda root: strengthens muscle and endocrine system functions.
Asiatic dogwood fruit: improves yang function of kidney.
Eucommia stem: strengthens muscle and bone functions; dilates peripheral blood vessels.
Dong quai root: improves blood circulation.
Bupleurum root: relieves constrained qi and has a tranquilizing effect. Lycium fruit: improves immune system function and the yin function of kidney.
Rehmannia root: improves immune system function and the yin function of kidney.
Epimedium leaf: improves muscle functions and modulates CNS functions.
Szechuan Lovage root: improves blood circulation and dilates peripheral blood vessels.
Schisandra fruit: improves yang function of kidney.
Eleuthero root: modulates CNS function and has tranquilizing effect.
Cynomorium stem: improves immune system and endocrine system.
Cassia bark: improves yang function of kidney.
Palm-leaf raspberry fruit: modulates hormone balances.
Other ingredients include gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, water, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

According to the manufacturer:

"BetterWOMAN improves bladder control. Here are some facts about BetterWOMAN.

- Reduced urinary leakage
- Reduced urinary urgency
- Reduced frequent urination
- Clinically tested. Effective
- 20 pure, natural Chinese herbs
- Safe. No known side effects
- Doctor & pharmacist recommended
- 60 day Money-back guaranteed
(Long-term users may also notice increased sexual libido and vaginal lubrication.)

A self assessment questionnaire after taking BetterWoman for 60 days. 80% reported better urinary leakage, 75% reported better urinary urgency, and 73% reported better urinary frequency.


Do not use if pregnant or nursing. In a toxicity study, no abnormality was observed in lab animals fed with 330 folds of the human dosage of BetterWOMAN powder. All ingredients have been used for many years in China with no problems.

See Disclaimer.

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 after dinner. The minimum recommended dosage is 3 bottles (2 months). Take a 3-day break between each bottle. Continue use thereafter for ongoing improvements. Take a 7 day break every two months.

BetterWOMAN  40 caps by Interceuticals.

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