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Zinc Picolinate Complex (Douglas Labs) 100 Capsules

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Quick Overview

- Brand: Douglas Labs

- Quantity per Container: 100 Capsules

- Zinc Picolinate capsules supplies 50 mg of zinc from zinc picolinate complex.


What is it?

Looking for a zinc supplement? Try Douglas Labs' Zinc Picolinate Complex Capsules‚ a nutritional supplement formulated with an easy to absorb form of this essential trace element. When zinc is referred to as an essential trace element‚ this means that the body only requires a very small amount of it; however‚ it is still absolutely crucial that we acquire it since many essential bodily functions and processes rely on zinc in some way. That's why Douglas Labs has formulated Zinc Picolinate Capsules as an easy-to-take‚ once a day supplement. You may be familiar with zinc since it's offered most of the time as an immune system booster‚ especially during cold and flu season. It's likely that this is possible because healthy zinc levels may support cell division‚ which is essential for our immune system's response to threats. Therefore‚ supporting your body with Zinc Picolinate Capsules may improve immunity. It has also been suggested that the healthy function of our eyes may rely on zinc's presence in our body. This has been speculated because our eyes feature high concentrations of the essential trace element.


If pregnant or breast feeding ask a health care professional before use.

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Zinc Picolinate Complex (Douglas Labs) 100 Capsules

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