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CBD Suppositories 500mg (Endoca) 10 packs

CBD Suppositories 500mg (Endoca) 10 packs

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December 15, 2017
Great for Migraine Pain Relief
My wife suffers from severe migraines with a large number of food triggers that are hard to avoid. These migraines typically leave her curled up in the fetal position, in a dark room, due to the amount of headache pain they cause. She also gets sick to her stomach and is unable to attend work. The oral prescription medication prescribed by our doctor just ends up in the toilet, because she can't keep it down. As her husband and care giver, I give my wife one of these CBD suppositories along with an adult 650mg Acetaminophen suppository, and she is usually feeling better within 45 minutes. In one recent experience she was up doing house work. The difference in how she felt was like night and day! Usually a second CBD dose taken about 4-6 hours later totally knocks out her migraine attack. The sooner you catch the migraine the better the chance of eliminating it. For her daytime headache treatment I usually give her one 600mg Aspirin suppository along with one 650mg Acetaminophen suppository. Our doctor said she can take both together as the Aspirin is an NSAID and the Acetaminophen is thought to reduce pain by raising your brain's pain threshold. So the two common OTC drugs act differently inside the body. These two items can both be purchased online. I add a CBD suppository to the above list after work or at her bedtime, as they tend to relax her and make her feel sleepy. One CBD suppository will usually hold her all night, so she gets a good night's sleep. She can usually only tolerate 1-2 Aspirin suppository doses, because they cause a strong burning sensation inside the rectum. While the rectum has few nerve endings the anal canal is lined with nerves. So be careful when taking any suppository, that it is inserted completely past the second sphincter muscle ring. Usually the patient can tell the care giver when this happens because the tail end of most suppositories are slightly rough feeling as they pass into the rectum. The CBD and Acetaminophen suppositories simply cause my wife to experience an internal warming sensation, which she says is actually relaxing. She says the warmth radiates outward from her pelvic region. Why rectal suppositories? Well when you cannot keep oral meds down the other end of the Gastro track is the next best location for home OTC medicines and some supplements like Vitamin E. With CBD and many other rectal meds, up to 80-85% of the medication is absorbed into the blood stream via the rectum. Oral meds have a tough time because many are destroyed by the stomach acid and digestive enzymes of the small bowel, leaving them less effective. Oral meds also get passed through the liver where it acts as a filter and removes much of their potency, before they reach the main blood stream.. The two main lower veins in the rectum drain directly back into the main blood stream, by-passing the liver and produce a stronger medicinal effect similar to intervenous medications. I have done a lot of research on CBD and Endoca is probably one of the top tier suppliers. Add the discount offered by Natural Health Consultants on a great product and you have a win+win situation for the consumer. My wife and I are still experimenting with what CBD can do for us. I. I find it useful for taming severe lower back pain that I suffer from. As this drug can make you feel tired I would not drive or operate machinery until you know how it affects you. The CBD seems to reach its peak in abouot 1-2 hours after taking, then it starts to fade after four hours. Make sure you have a BM before inserting a suppository or you will waste it. The once inserted, 10-15 minutes maybe long enough for it to melt, but due to its small surface area the rectum is slow to take-up medications. So try to avoid having a BM for at least two to four hours to obtain the full dose effect. The dosage will also depend on how much you weigh. Obviously a 300LB man will need more mg's than a 150LB woman or a thin teen. We have not had any ill effects from repeating a CBD suppository dose, if the first one ends up in the toilet after only an hour or two. For the two of us, this is a great new drug tool to add to our OTC medicine cabinet. If you suffer from pain and nausea, try this you might be pleasantly surprised by how good it works. With flu season on the way CBD should help with flu symptoms. Highly recommended.
November 30, 2017
Help Stop Wife's Migraine Headaches
I bought these for my wife who suffers from frequent migraines. Since she suffers from stomach upset with her migraines the suppository form of CBD was best for her. We found that taking a CBD along with a 650mg acetaminophen suppository brought about the best results.Usually 2 doses about 4-6 hours apart will knockout a migraine. It changes her from being curled-up in the fetal position with the ligihts turned off, to her normal self. Pretty amazing stuff!