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Argentyn 23 (Natural Immunogenics) 1 Gallon 128 Fl oz

Argentyn 23 (Natural Immunogenics) 1 Gallon 128 Fl oz

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November 15, 2017
Great product, and great company.
Argentyn 23: I have been using this product, on and off, for several years, at the recommendation of my naturopath, for a variety of reasons....colds, flu, sore throat, dust. I take Argentyn orally, and also use it in a vertical sprayer for my nasal passages. Have also put a tsp in a nebulizer/inhaler for the lungs. I use Argentyn as eye disinfectant drops, and dab some on cuts, or even skin outbreaks. Natural Immungogenics, the manufacturer of Argentyn @ have always been receptive to my questions about Argentyn. Always good to have a large bottle on hand. The 32oz bottle has worked best for me. I generally carry a much smaller bottle while traveling on trips. I am very lucky to have found Natural Health Consultants @ . Their great price, and prompt, attentive service and shipping has made me an ongoing customer. Great product, and great company.
February 10, 2017
Highly recommended
Thank you very much, my experience with the product and your company with great that's why I'm ordering a whole new round of everything it's really helped me with some of my health issues and I recommended highly
February 2, 2017
Helpful for clearing out the toxins in my body
This product helped get my lyme disease in remission and has been helpful for clearing out the toxins in my body. Your customer service is beyond the normal, Yan Yan has always been so helpful with getting my order placed, always so kind and not the typical clerk to just get the order placed.. She has gone above and beyond helping me with kindness and patience of a saint, especially with dealing with me and my brain fog when placing a order!!!! The argentyn 23 is a product that will help with every health issue regardless if it is Lyme disease, mold, parasites, fungi, toxins or whatever issue you might have. I highly recommend this product for everyone, even if your health isn't a major issue.. Our food, water and air isn't clean and everyone on this earth should take this on a regular basis.. I highly recommend this product, there isn't any other one that could compare to it for quality. Your company has been a godsend for me with your products, customer service, and prices. Thank you!! Out of 10 stars I give your company a 12!!!! Dianne B