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Prostabel (Natural Source) 100 capsules

Prostabel (Natural Source) 100 capsules

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July 2, 2018
I see improvement with my BPH
I've been taking prostabel for 5 years, I used to buy directly from the Manufacturer, 3 years ago I found out Natural Health Consultant has it and I called the manufacturer confirmed they are an authorized dealer, if I need it urgent I can go to their store front to pick it up as well since we both in bay area California. Very good service and I always get my answer quickly, thank you!
August 14, 2017
Medical Profession is stumped!
"I started taking Prostabel since Oct 2014. I have had four prostate biopsies since my regimen, and all four show no evidence of cancer. The last one was done extensively with an MRI first, and at the targeted area there were 18 extracted cores. The medical profession is stumped! They can't figure why I don't have cancer. A healthy prostate is normally around 30 grams, mine is 231 grams -- so definitely large, but still functioning well while I take care of myself with Prostabel. I can't recommend this highly enough. And again, the medical profession was stumped!!!"
August 1, 2017
2 years and continuing
I have been using Prostabel for over two years and seen positive results. Along with other treatment, my cancer is staying dormant.