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Cerluten (IAS) 20 capsules

Cerluten (IAS) 20 capsules

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October 8, 2016
70 Year Old Female Improves Fine Tuned Motor Skills
. I am pretty healthy at age 70, and I want to keep it that way: therefore, for general maintenance to my nervous system, I began taking Cerluten. . Almost immediately I noticed a remarkable improvement in my fine tuned motor skills. You see, as a kid I loved baseball and always saw myself as a pitcher. I was disappointed to discover my pitches were all over the place - even though I saw them in my mind going over home plate. My aim is so bad that all my life, rarely have I been able to make those coveted 2 points while tossing balled up paper into the recycle basket. . HOWEVER, since taking Cerluten, my fine tuned motor skills for throwing and tossing are finally matching up with my intentions. . Whereas I'm no longer playing baseball, I am still throwing and tossing stuff into the recycle basket; and shortly after starting Cerluten, it was amazing to notice I was actually hitting the center of the recycle basket each and every time. . For me this is a big thrill, because I feel the "problem" which existed between my intentions and my actions has diminished greatly - and I'm much more productive. . Also, under stressful situations I can feel that my physiological responses are milder, my nerves are less frayed and the best thing is that I'm worrying a lot less. . I take Cerluten according to the suggested protocol and very soon, I plan to resume my love for sewing. . A grateful shout-out to the Staff at Natural Health Consultants for GREAT customer service. .