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MLM stands for Multi-level Marketing, sometimes known as network marketing. In this kind of marketing, the seller is the primary user and most energy goes into contracting others who will sign up others and so on from which you get a piece of the action. This has been likened to a pyramid but is perfectly legal. The best known MLM companies include Amway, Mary Kay, New Skin or Shaklee.

NHC has a number of products which are available only through MLM companies. While we do not emphasize the business building aspects of these sources we stock their products for a very good reason. Many small, innovative companies have discovered that customer education is their biggest obstacle. They can't afford the big advertising budget that builds consumer awareness. Their solution is to let satisfied customers get a piece of the action by educating their friends, family and acquaintances about the benefits of their product. If their product is especially unique or powerful this method can build a business fast. The MLM products we stock are only available from their companies, not health food stores or any other retail outlets, and they are, in fact, unique and powerful.

We don't stock MLM products when they are obtainable from a retail outlet for the simple reason that MLM products tend to be more expensive, unless your payout is offset by income from lower levels of your "downline." For example, MSM is available now from both MLM and retail outlets but the MLM version is quite a bit more expensive. Since building a "downline" is not our emphasis (helping you get the best therapy for less is our emphasis) we don't stock the MLM product. The reason for their greater expense is payment of commissions and  bonuses to everyone in the group.

Nor do we stock the entire line of products from each business. Our philosophy has always been to pinpoint the best products for a given health condition and let you trust in our recommendation.

If you are interested in building a business around any of our MLM products let us know and we will send you the appropriate paperwork to get you started. Even if you are not out to get rich (and a lot of people in this business make an awful lot of money!) you can enjoy the products for less money by buying wholesale. If you are interested in getting rich off any of these products there are some amazing, impact products which should sell like crazy when people find out what they do. That will be your job but we'll help.

So far, our MLM products include:

1. Bios Life 2 is no longer a part of our inventory

2. Body Biotics. To sign up go to Life Sciences Corp.: Please list us for your sponsor and placement information -- Gerald T. Wolke (G. Wolke) ID#15364

3. Microhydrin and Microbrite. These products may now be purchased solely on the RBC website where you may also sign up. The address is

4. Phyt-Aloe and Phyto-Bears are no longer a part of our inventory.

5. Transfer Factor , Transfer Factor Plus, Transfer Factor Plus Feline, Transfer Factor Plus Canine. To sign up go to: Again, Gerald T. Wolke, distributor ID# 80090

6. SBX formula is no longer available.

7. Maximizer.

8. BioCrave -- No longer available.

9. Immunocal -- No longer part of our inventory.

10. Biomune OSF -- No longer part of our inventory.

11. BioChoice Immune 26. No longer part of our inventory.

12. Tachyon products are now MLM products. To purchase or to sign up go to

13. O-Tropine and Orenda Immune. Go to then click on "Get Started" on the lower right. Click through to the sign up page and put 43142 in the sponsor's number area at the top of the page.