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MSM 1000 mg

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90 capsules
by PhysioLogics


What is it?

MSM is Methylsulfonylmethane or Dimethylsulfone, a source of beneficial biological sulfur. It is the oxidized form of the better known DMSO, (DMSO2) but does not share its malodorous qualities and is completely nontoxic. The human body needs sulfur for skin, hair, collagen, immune functions, and many other purposes. In fact, other than basic carbohydrates, sulfur is one of the commonest and most basic elements in the body. Unfortunately, quality sulfur is deficient in our diets and that leads to a host of problems which this substance addresses. MSM has a vitamin-like modulating or normalizing influence on body functions. There appears to be a relationship between abnormal physiological symptoms and low MSM blood levels which decline with age. MSM seems to normalize body functions in people suffering from symptoms of stress-related illness. The body seems to be able to convert MSM into other needed sulfur compounds.


MSM has been judged as nontoxic as water. Very high doses can cause gastrointestinal upset. Always gradually increase doses. MSM works immediately in some cases but may take two weeks or more in others. In general, the effectiveness of MSM is about 70% of cases to which it is applied.
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Suggested Use

The dose of MSM for otherwise healthy people is 1000 mg per day. Those with allergies should take 1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg in the evening. Those with more severe problems can take up to 4000 mg in the morning and 4000 mg in the evening. In general, the dose is usually from 2 to 8 grams per day in 2 divided doses. It has been used in much higher doses but should be used in megadoses only with the supervision of a physician. A lotion (a level teaspoonful of MSM per ounce of water) may be prepared by mixing the contents of some capsules in water and adding it to the lotion.

MSM 1000 mg

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